bike repair man plugin

  • nopa90

    nopa90 - 2005-04-04

    get it here
    basically implements the bike repairman for dr python.

    In alpha stage. Bike repairman changes the line endings on the file so it comes up with annoying prompt when u reload page.

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      Great, a new plugin!

      I tried and got a Messagebox:
      "Find References"
      "Could not translate editor coordinates into source code"


    • nopa90

      nopa90 - 2005-04-05

      You have to highlight a term and then hit either "find definition" or "find references".

      Then if it should list the appropriate terms if it can find it.

      You can use it to rename a variable. Or inline one etc. If you do that then, undo might be able to undo that change providing you have changed nothing in the mean time. (It will revert back to the last change in Bicycle module, if the box has been closed the old version has been lost, i think).

      For the find definition there is a problem with finding the end of the reference, highlight till end of document.

      The man who made the module is brilliant, to be honest I am not really sure how it works. (Somehow parses Python AST trees). I just looked at how plugin was made in idle and boa constructor and hacked away.

      Plugin itself is editable with boa constructor.

      Anyway just added it in the hopes someone else might find it usefull. Filenames should probably be shortened.

      Anyways .......

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      Bicycle Repairman support would be really cool to have.  This looks neat.

      In regards to the line endings, you can just turn off the detection in preferences (or change the default).


    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      Hi Nopa90,

      >You have to highlight a term and then hit either "find definition" or "find references.

      Ah, I see, but taking the word under cursor would be also an option.

      You created it with Boa Constructor?
      I never really managed to overcome with this great beast:)

    • nopa90

      nopa90 - 2005-04-05

      I constructed the gui part with boa constructor

      I use Boa to make gui (i am lazy) and then do logic and other stuff in DrPython.

      DrPython excels because it is simple. Easy to make little plugins or scrips that do things like strip stuff or what ever.

      Hack away at the plugin do what ever u want. If u can make it better put it on the DrPython site.


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