Key binding problem

  • Tom De Muer

    Tom De Muer - 2004-07-08

    I'm trying to write a plugin which would bind with the '(' and but whatever I try the binding doesn't work.  If I pick character 46 , ie the '.' all works fine.  But no luck with character '('.  I've added two keybindings: one with and one without the shift.  I'm using US keyboard and have to press the Shift to get a '('

    While I am it: I fixed a little bug in AutoComplete, where should I submit the code for that, here?

    kind regards,

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      Hello Tom,

      If seen this also.
      I tried (German Keyboard) the '(' char.
      I can bind it to the normal function and to the
      DrScript Function, but not to the Plugin's.

      Strange is, that then you choose here forum, it always
      displays 0 Msg, so I think, nobody will come to attention, that here was posted a new article.
      I myself randomly came into this forum.

      Maybe you try to post this into the "Open Discussion" Forum.


    • Daniel Pozmanter

      This is a good forum to post on for plugin stuff
      (sourceforge must be being a little bit buggy).

      I am now monitoring this forum, so even if the number does not update, I will get an email message when anyone posts here.

      In regards to your issue, I will take a look.
      Email me any code, or post it via submission of a patch or bug report.


    • Daniel Pozmanter

      Okay, a couple questions:

      When you assign the keybinding, how are you doing it?

      Are you doing it manually in the plugin?

      Have you tried letting the user assign the keybinding,
      then setting it that way to '('?

      Does either way work, or are both caput?

      Do you get a traceback of any kind?

      What OS are you on?  What version of Python?


    • Tom De Muer

      Tom De Muer - 2004-07-12

      I've copy and pasted the AutoComplete and changed the key binding there.  I want to build a "AutoDocumentation" when the user presses a '(' then a tooltip would appear with the doc or the arguments... you get the idea :)

      I'm working with python 2.3.4 on a win2k (sp3 IIRC) box and using drpython 3.1.0.  wxpython 2.5 for 2.3

      kind regards,

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      Got it.

      You need to do a keybinding for
      ord('9') and Shift.  Then it should work.

      If a keybinding is not working,
      fire up the shortcuts dialog,
      and press the keys you want, and you will get
      the combination you are looking for.


      PS.  The code is:

      DrFrame.AddKeyEvent(Function, ord('9'), Shift=1)

    • Tom De Muer

      Tom De Muer - 2004-07-13

      Excellent!  Thx for the quick responses!

      kind regards,

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      I finally uploaded your changes.  Thanks!

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      One problem is remains in the AutoComplete plugin.

      Yesterday I typed accidently "drpython."
      and with the dot, the AutoComplete macro started.

      It launched another instance of drpython, and in
      the editor, I typed, the editor window disappeared.

      def GetMembers(word, filename=""):
          exec(compile("import " + word, filename, 'exec'))

      the exec line is the point, where the program crashed.

      maybe the file should have for example:

      if __name__ == '__main__':

      and in drpython.pyw:

      if __name__ == '__main__':



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