Another useful set of plugins would be emacs/vim compatibility mode.

I am not at all familiar enough with emacs (v. little) or vim (none) to get this started. 

I think these programs use double keybindings (control-x, followed by control-something)
I would imagine you would have to call an "EmacsShortcut" function if the "control-x" function is called, and from that, implement another shortcut grabber.

That should work rather nicely.  Of course, you would have to know what the default keyboard shortcuts are for emacs/vim.

The final touch would be to write your own shortcuts dialog for the plugin, that can either set the keys for the initial combo (control-x), or the specific combos (control-something).

...If that is even how emacs works.

Which is why I need someone familiar with emacs on this.  Ditto vim.