• Daniel Pozmanter

    So, Franz's drscripts seemed especially useful (only I wanted to insert them into the document.).

    So I made a plugin, and extended it to access any open document, or bookmarks, or the current working directory.  Viola!  Plugin.

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      thank you, I'm pleased.

      For what I could imagine:
      a plugin as it exists in Scite: "Abbreviations" or "template".
      Maybe in the future :)

      example "(s"<here expand key; for example ctrl-space>
      => (self, event):


    • Daniel Pozmanter

      Oops, I seem to have messe dup something with the documents bit for filename and path, I should get out a fix soonish.

      The abbreviations is a feature request that has been around for a while.  I decided to implement it as find and complete (autocomplete for the current document).

      This would certaintly be a cool plugin though.

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      I got the menu thing fixed.  It was the ID number, of all things!  Too high I guess (worked fine on linux).  In any case, works now.  Plus you can insert into the prompt too.


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