CodeCompletion 0.2.0

  • Daniel Pozmanter

    Much Faster parsing (using re).

    I completely rewrote the parsing, so now it properly handles all import aliases and assignments.

    It is also VERY fast.

    I removed the automatic update namespace options (no longer needed), and added an option to toggle
    codecompletion on and off.
    (You can set the default setting for startup through plugin preferences).

    Autocomplete now only works for python files.

    UNINSTALL CodeCompleton 0.1.0 or earler first!

    Or you will need to manually remove the file CodeCompletion.shortcuts.dat in your plugins directory to use the new shortcut (sorry).

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      codecompletition is very fast now; cool.

      On help in CodeCompletions isn't working:
            Traceback (most recent call last):
              File "C:\Eigene Dateien\python\drpython\", line 330, in OnLoadPluginsHelp
              File "c:/drpython/plugins\", line 338, in OnHelp
                helpText = '''CodeCompletion Version ''' + CodeCompletionVars.version + '''
            NameError: global name 'CodeCompletionVars' is not defined   


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