drPython 3.6.2

  • Franz Steinhaeusler


    the plugin-download looks fine, thanks.
    A few annotaions:
    it is a little confusing, when in the menu load plugins
    from index, all plugins are listed.
    (It would be easier to set tp the list only the currently
    unloaded plugins)

    What about: (as I have patched my drpython.py):

    if self.prefs.docautoreload:
        x = 0
        wx.MilliSleep (50)
        oldpos = self.docPosition

    an option of a delay. If I switch from another Editor
    with autosave with alt-tab to drPython, it is to fast
    to recognize, that the file was changed (saving is not
    finished at this time)
    One could make a option of xxx ms Delay.
    I'd like to be on the current selected doc after reload,
    so saving the docPosition and after Reload restore it again.
    end of  OnActivate(self):
    if self.prefs.docautoreload:
    if oldpos != self.docPosition:

    After reloading, it would be nice to stay (about) the
    same position in the doc. so I would insert after:

    if (answer == wx.ID_YES):
    >pos = self.txtDocument.GetCurrentPos()
    self.OpenFile(Document.filename, False)


    • Daniel Pozmanter

      I am not inclined to do this.

      A reloaded doc could not have even remotely the same lines as before. 

      The delay bit could go in as a very simply plugin that overrides OnActivate, but I am not inclined to put this into the core, as this is very dependent on the system the user is running, and what other application they are editing the file in question with.

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      Ok, I see.

      On the line position of the reloaded file, I am other
      opinion; most times, only a few lines are added
      or removed.

      Nethertheless, a plugin will be the most reasonable solution.

      Yes, you are right, about the duration of saving files
      on different pc's.

      I will make my own plugins for reload and autosave.



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