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Line-ending mode bugfix

Dan Kruger
  • Dan Kruger

    Dan Kruger - 2004-10-14

    Not entirely sure where this was introduced, but it crept up within a recent version.  There appears to be comments that there was a bug-fix already applied in this section, but it doesn't appear to be the case.

    I develop primarily at work, on linux and Win32.  Several programmers here develop the same scripts, and some are using other editors (Boa, idle).  So, it's not uncommon for me to start up Dr and be prompted to change the line-endings.  Problem is, it's asking, but not doing it.

    Around lines 3047, the following fixes it back to the appropriate behavior.  Instead of going around the back way of setting the EOL, I put in calls to the events triggered by selecting the same thing from the menu:

                        if (answer == wx.ID_YES):
                            #Bugfix, Thanks Stephen Anderson.
                            if (self.prefs.eolmode == 1):
    #                            emode =
                            elif (self.prefs.eolmode == 2):
    #                            emode =
    #                            emode =
    #                        self.txtDocument.SetEOLMode(emode)
    #                        self.txtDocument.lineendingsaremixed = 0                       
    #                        emodenum = dmodenum

    • Dan Kruger

      Dan Kruger - 2004-10-14

      Ok.. so I'm new to sourceforge, and my previous post didn't indent properly.  I'm pretty sure you'll see what I mean, Dan ;)

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      Thanks, I'm on it.


      PS Don't worry about the indentation, the code is short enough I know exaxctly what you are refering to.

      Although for longer bits, either email, or posting via a tracker (Patches, I believe) works best.


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