APPDIR problems

  • Franz Steinhaeusler

    Hi Dan,

    the use of "appdata" bring along some problems.

    I use DrPython on 2 PC's  (the appdata directory isn't the same)
    I have scripts and plugins all in preferences dir, to make backup of files easier.
    There is the problem, that in drscripts.dat, the absolute
    path is stored (for example in drscripts.dat)
    We have an option of drscripts directory, so the files could be stored relativly to the base

    I could split this (plugins, scripts and preferences) in different base dir,
    but then, all is to fragmented.

    I'd like to have it as before.

    I remember, that one suggestion was command line parameter.
    Other possibility would be a extra setting in preference, or a C:/.drpython.ini
    file or something or simply of the current drive in root directory .
    If this file exists, it reads out the preferences or homedir variable.

    What thoughts?

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      How bothersome.

      Well, For backing up drscripts, if you
      use the Export DrScripts to / from zip,
      it will grab them automatically from wherever they are
      on your computer.

      However, I agree there should be more flexibility in regards to the homedirectory.

      I think a command line option would be a good choice:

      drpython --preferencesdirectory="c:/MyStuff/"

      Then DrFrame.GetPreferencesDirectory would yield

      I think this is better than writing the actual file,
      and more intuitive than a .ini file in the root dir.


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