3.2.1 is in cvs.
Check out the to do list.

There are some small features I plan on adding along the way.

I released 3.2.0 (release early, release often is me motto), and pushed some stuff to 3.3.x.  Especially since I got to thinking the prefs dialog is a awkward thing, and I rather like the shortcuts/popup/toolbar style.

I have to say, I am very excited about the pace of development with plugins.  (I need to update findall and sessions.  Could whoever found bugs in those, please resend the email?  I lost my copy, and think I should fix those plugins next).  Well done folks!

Also, many thanks to Franz for uploading Nathan's plugins for him (we will have to figure out a long term solution to the firewall problem.).

If anyone has access to a mac, we've been having some problems with:
general display
launching help/about
the startDrpy script.
Any help here is greatly appreciated.

Presuming I am able to find a job, I am planning on dumping my pc for a mac, so I will be able to test stuff on mac os x.
Until then, I can only test on linux and windows, so I need some help here.