Well, is out (wxPython), and with it, a host of improvements and critical bugs.

The stc is noticiably faster in gtk2, although still laggy.
Which, for linux users, is it.  gtk 1 on linux segfaults if you close a dialog.  File.  Find/Replace.  Preferences.  Boom.  Segfault.

I haven't looked at the windows version yet, but on linux the style dialog looks a bit... odd.  Not completely out of wack, just the labels seem to compete for space with the controls.
At least I haven't heard of segfaults outright on windows.  No word yet on mac.

It looks like it will be a very simple matter to have plugins grab the version numbers from the sourceforge page.  The upside is developers would only have to update the plugin list when they release a completely new plugin.  The downside is that is sourceforge is down, users cannot update their plugin lists from the mirrors (unless sf mirrors the project pages too).

I think this is a worthwhile trade off.  What do you folks think?
I've posted to the wxPython list with a question about drag and drop.  Still no reply, but I am hopeful I am just overlooking something, and can add this in.
Pype comes the closest I've seen to implementing both file/text drag and drop, but only one at a time (you need to restart).
Now that lnk stuff is working, I plan on reworking file dialog prefs.  As part of this, I think I will add a replace table.  It will basically let people add strings to be replaced when encountered in lnk files.  So if your c drive is mounted on /mnt/win_c, then you would add the entry:
'C:'  '/mnt/win_c'.

(Notice no separator on the end of 'c:')

Since windows partitions can be mounted on anything, I think this is the best course.  Then windows shortcuts will work fine from linux.