3.9.0, 3.8.5, etc.

  • Daniel Pozmanter

    Hey, sorry I've been a bit inactive/late.  I plan on getting 3.8.5 out tomorrow, as well as the new RunFromBuffer, and then starting work on 3.9.0.

    Right now the two changes will be the new prefs bit, and I am going to add support for messing around with where prefs are stored/copying/storing the prefs folder, etc.
    (and various other shiny bits, but those are the big ones).

    On the prefs folder, two considerations:
    1.  uses APPDATA as the default on windows:  On further consideration, I think I shall, as this is how it should have been done in the first place, and moving prefs will allow users to keep their old settings.

    2.  changing the name of .homedirectory.
    to .userpreferencesdirectory.

    This is a much better variable name, but, again, will require updates to plugins.  What thoughts?

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      No problem for me, the plugins have to be updated
      anyway. If this new version is out, i will try
      to update the plugins, which fall under my "responsibility".

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      Ok so:

      As awlays, it turns out there is a way to do what I want without nearly as much work as I wanted.

      I confess much of my desire to mess with prefs is that I wanted to change the way I load them.  Using exec too much is not something I want to do.


      I ended up tweaking the prefs class so it emulates a dictionary (and does so in a way that lets you
      use another dictionary as a key).

      So you can still use
      You can also use

      Both work!

      I renamed DrFrame.homedirectory to
      DrFrame.userpreferencesdirectory, since that is what the variable actually is.  I kept .homedirectory fo compatibility, but I think It will be eventually phased out.

      In any case, I added DrFrame.GetPreferencesDirectory(), so that should make things a bit better.

      I plan on adding:

      The ability to export to / from zip:
      1.  All of your plugins
      2.  Everything in your preferences directory
      3.  All of your drscripts.

      I changed the way the preferences directory is chosen on windows.  APPDATA is now used first.
      However with the ability to change the prefs directory from within drpy (or running the file as a stand alone script), users can modify it to work precisely the way they want.  The only issue is for *nix users, as they may not have the permissions to do this.  However I gather they will be using '~' anyway, so there should be no conflict.

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      There are a few major changes:
      1.  The prefs directory:
      The order is now as follows:
      (On Windows, try APPDATA first)
      Home Directory (~)
      DrPython Program Directory

      'C:/', '/' are no longer used.

      2.  A few function/variable name changes:
      .homedirectory is .userpreferencesdirectory
      .GetPluginDirectory is now .GetPluginsDirectory
      (The old versions will stick around for a while
      for backwards compatibility).

      Just thought I'd throw that out there (the release announcement will cover this quite clearly) as a heads up.

      The release is very nearly done:

      The big changes are:

      >Find/Replace in the Prompt
      >Source Browser Go To (this includes a bunch of work on the base class (well, now a base class) used for Open Imported Modules dialog too).  This is quite handy, and can be neatly controlled with the keyboard.  It uses Find Completion (the choices are narrowed down to matches containing the typed string).  I had to switch from wx.ListBox to wx.ListView to get the behaviour I wanted.

      The active document is now a bit more conspicuous (the middle bit of the disk icon is bright yellow).  The inactive documents are now higher contrast as well.
      You can select odd font numbers.

      I am tweaking windows performance for the SingleChoiceDialog (Open Imported Modules and Source Browser Go To: Base class).  Works fine on linux :).  I will probably make the release tomorrow.

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      Errors connecting to the upload server.

      3.9.0 is done, so its just up to when I can connect.

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      That's got it :)


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