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Windows Installer

  • DavyMitchell

    DavyMitchell - 2004-12-22

    Hi Everyone,

    Just discovered Dr Python this week and I like it! I've put together a Windows installer at

    Unzip then run the exe.

    Feedback welcome :-)

    Davy Mitchell

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      Holy shorts this is awesome!

      Well done!

      The only minor note is that DrPython is all one word (for the start menu).

      How would you like to distribute this in the future?  (Are you willing to?)  Do you want me to just link to your site, or would you like to be added to the project, and you can make releases?


      • DavyMitchell

        DavyMitchell - 2004-12-23

        Thanks Dan.

        Just link to my site for the moment. I'm happy to keep it up to date.

        I'll do an update ASAP and correct the name. Also I will publish the script for Inno Setup.

        Take care,

        Davy Mitchell

    • DavyMitchell

      DavyMitchell - 2004-12-23

      New version uploaded.

      Inno Setup Script:


    • Daniel Pozmanter

      I have added a link to the home page.
      (The link is the the zip file, and the site in general).


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