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  • Daniel Pozmanter

    This is progressing much faster than planned.  The two major goals are already done (I made a standard drTree dialog to use for bookmarks and drscripts, added sorting, and tweaked a bit), and a nifty feature idea from emacs (Yes, I've started preferring that over nano!):
    Go To Block Start/End, Class Start/End, Def Start End.
    My version behaves a bit differently (and is more forgiving if the class/def does not exist), and adds go to block end.  So far it handles comments, triple quoted strings, empty lines, and explicit line breaks.

    I have to add in the new plugin functions, do some bug hunting, and add in a nifty little convenience to the file dialog before release.

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      I am delaying the file dialog tweaking,
      adding a bit more to the plugins, etc.

      I now have just a few bugs to hunt, and it should be done.  (Barring anything popping up that really should be fixed/added).


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