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3.1.4, State of Plugins, State of DrPython

  • Daniel Pozmanter

    3.1.4 is in CVS.

    I am rather liking the direction plugins are taking.

    I myself run things pretty slim (TraceBack Menu, and a few plugins via index should I decide I need them), but I like the increasing selection, and people contributing.

    At this point, if you have a feature you want implemented, you can write a plugin (or request one),
    and for everyone else who wants that feature, it's in.

    My questions are:

    What plugins should be next?  What should have the highest priority?

    What should be the future direction of the drpython core?  What should be (if anything) removed, and turned into a plugin?  What should be added/modified?

    For the most part, new features will be added as plugins.

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      I think, maybe the classbrowser could be made as plugin.

      I consider also a "startup" plugin, or any else name.
      ("plugin" is almost exaggerated)

      the purpose should be to "overwrite" some things,
      one don't like in the initialization of drpyhton,
      without changing the program.

      I think of changing some of the stc commands.

      For years, I'm used (silly or not) of Ctrl-w delete word forward and alt-d for delete line.

      so it could be for example:


      DrFrame.txtDocument. stc.CmdKeyAssign(ord ('W'),,'D'),,

      there is the plugin codemarks.
      We could also use the stc bookmarks.
      (with the marker on gutter area)

      I think, the bookmarks, which are rather file, or
      directory marks, should be renamed to for example
      Pathmarks (as in pype)
      apropo: this could also be made as plugin.

      also make as plugin perhaps the file find function.

      BTW: A preview function in sf would be nice, before posting the text.

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      a startup plugin would be rather nice.
      On that note, a psyco plugin would also be cool.

      What I should do, is make sure the user can set
      standard stc commands to whatever key (or keys) they want.

      a rename could be nice, but not pathmarks.  Pathmarks change the path of pype (which is a rather nifty feature, especially for running shell commands.

      (I named bookmarks after bookmarks in mozilla, etc.)
      I am not sure what the best name would be (File/Directorymarks? FileSystemMarks?  Favorites?).

      A classbrowser seems to be a very popular and well used part of drpython.  The find/Replace in files could become a plugin easily enough (Although I use that ALL the time).  Let's see if anyone else posts an opinion on the matter.


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