3.9.7, Toronto Project, 3.10.0

  • Daniel Pozmanter

    I still have some stuff to get to.
    On the list:
    Documentation updates
    Figuring out a way to add shortcut labels to plugin menu items.
    Franz's Patch
    The most recent batch of bug reports.

    Which brings me to Toronto.

    Some students (LaurieMacdougall, PatSmith, TimSmith ) and Professor Greg Wilson are working on a project messin around with drpy.

    The bug-reports are part of this project (They conducted some interviews with some users with a range of different skill sets, and came up with modifications they wanted to make).

    From their plans, it looks like some interesting things should result!

    In the meantime, after I finally squash all the bugs,
    I am looking to start work on 3.10.0.

    My initial goal is to work on the interface, and see if
    I can make it a bit more efficient, etc.

    Suggestions most welcome.

    • Marek Kubica

      Marek Kubica - 2005-02-08

      I filed a RFE about the interface.. of the about dialog.

      Well it's amazing DrPython does not appear in the Most Active list on SF.


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