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Developers, Access, Mail, etc

  • Daniel Pozmanter

    Francois Joffre has joined up.  Welcome!

    I also mucked through the list.  I know at least two developers are inactive at the moment, and for those I was mostly sure about, I removed shell/release access (although it can always be re-added if I made a mistake.  I basically left it for anyone who might concievably release a file in the near future.  For people sending in bug reports, or in the forums, if you want to be able to release a plugin/etc, just give a holler.).

    Also, on another note, still a bit behind in the email (i repsonded to my most recent stuff), so apologies if something is just lazing around in my mailbox.

    I probably won't get to it for 3.9.6, but will plop it on the proverbial table for whatever comes next.

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      Hello Francois, welcome, you're almost a namesake :)

    • Francois Joffre

      Francois Joffre - 2005-02-05

      Thank you for the welcome guys.
      Looking forward to work with you all.

      Franz, definitely the same root at least ;)


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