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Problem with plugin events

  • Franz Steinhaeusler

    problem with drpython event:
    the former approach was more suitable than now with the events, but i'm sure we can change this.
    i tried it but the problem was:

    events had to be performed immediatly, and posting them, there is no accurate way to
    say, when it is received:
    I have to depend, that on the time, the onopen event is delivered,
    the processing with a user action (here a dialog) is performed.
    (I rely on txtDocument)
    So there should be a way to stop the processing, until the event is processed.
    otherwise, for txtDocument.filename, i get always the same name.

    somehow a function for wait of acknowledge, that this function is handled,
    would be best, I imagine. Maybe there are some other solution (?) ...

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      What specifically are you trying to do?

      This seems the be (for opening a file) the same as before. (3.9.10 and earlier).

      Plugin functions are called the the start of OpenFile, and at the End.

      The only difference I can see is that the Recent File List re-creation has been moved.


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