Working on 3.2.0.  Turns out a feature request is taking longer than expected, but the result should be more than worth it.  When done, EVERY stc command in the STC documentation will be accesible for manipulation via the new and improved shortcuts dialog.
I'm still working out how to organize the buggers (there are quite a few).  It should be shiny.  Then on the the rest of the to do list.

A new developer has joined, and should be uploading a pychecker plugin.  Welcome Nathan Jones!

He also wants to work on a to do list plugin.
Several people have expressed an interest in this.

Here is my two cents:

When you upload it, give it a unique name
(eg ToDoListFunk, WillDoList), etc.
That way if there are several versions uploaded, life
is still good.  If they are all basically the same,
then there is no need to keep them all.
However there are several ways one could implement this.

If there are several versions uploaded, we will vote on whether to:
1.  Keep them all
2.  Toss a few.
3.  Combine them in some way.