• Franz Steinhaeusler

    (some time ago), the loading of files with commandline didn't work.

    "C:\eigene dateien\python\drpython\drpython.py" --preferencesbasepath=c:/
    it is ok argv [0] (C:\eigene dateien\python\drpython\drpython.py), argv [1] --preferencesbasepath=c:/

    but if i make a shortcuts on the desktop:"C:\eigene dateien\python\drpython\drpython.py" --preferencesbasepath=c:/
    then argv[0](C:\eigene dateien\python\drpython\drpython.py)
    !!!!argv[1](C:\eigene dateien\python\drpython\drpython.py) !!!!
    argv[2] --preferencesbasepath=c:/


    Uncomment for cpp files don't work:

    I found the line:

            if not ((not (prestyle == wx.stc.STC_P_COMMENTLINE) and not (prestyle == wx.stc.STC_P_COMMENTBLOCK)) and ((style == wx.stc.STC_P_COMMENTLINE) or (style == wx.stc.STC_P_COMMENTBLOCK))):
              newtext += line
    but in cpp there is

    (it is only queried for Python Styles)

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      I could not replicate any problems with the command line.

      As for commenting, I fixed this.  However this leads to a new question:

      How well should drpython support other languages?

      Aside from the fact that there are other editors infinitely more suited to working in c/c++ (cough emacs cough),
      Many things, such as the source browser, are keyed just to python.

      On the other hand, editing c/c++ can be a vital part of python programming (writing modules).

      In addition, mixing python with html/xml is also quite important.

      What thoughts?

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      Oops, my mistake, I haven't seen in the link, that
      this was actually two times there.

      >How well should drpython support other languages?

      Hmm, I could imagine to reserve a template function
      for instance for the source browser (If ever someone needs this).
      If this is a non python file, then there could be
      a plugin for example for cpp files.

      I, for me, it is actually enough support for C++ now.
      I don't and didn't expect a c++ editor of course.

      Although I think to let the door open to add
      (easy) another language would be fine.
      (to set a lexer, and the things, which you have
      already built in in "filetype", which one could
      make it, that the user can add new fileextesnsions and lexer; if ever needed).
      I think, C, Python und HTML/XML covers the most
      wanted languages for people, who want a python

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      It would be cool, if the cursor stays after uncomment on the first column (as it is in comment)

      I would simply add at the end of uncommentregion:

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      Would it make sense:

      1)to not query the style (in the uncomment), and simply query for the comment char?

      2) in comment and uncomment: remember the pos of
      selection start or end, or if no selection, of the current
      cursor pos, and after the (un)comment, to jump
      to the oldpos back?

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      Could we add into CopyCurrentFilename.py, so
      there are all C Styles available?

      stc.StyleSetSpec(wx.stc.STC_C_IDENTIFIER, frame.prefs.txtDocumentStyleDictionary[0])
          stc.StyleSetSpec(wx.stc.STC_C_COMMENTLINEDOC, frame.prefs.txtDocumentStyleDictionary[6])
      stc.StyleSetSpec(wx.stc.STC_C_GLOBALCLASS, frame.prefs.txtDocumentStyleDictionary[0])

          stc.StyleSetSpec(wx.stc.STC_C_COMMENTDOCKEYWORD, frame.prefs.txtDocumentStyleDictionary[6])
          stc.StyleSetSpec(wx.stc.STC_C_COMMENTDOCKEYWORDERROR, frame.prefs.txtDocumentStyleDictionary[6])

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      oops, in drKeywords.py I meant.


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