New Docs

  • Daniel Pozmanter

    I moved to docutils.

    The only lack, thus far (imho), is syntax highlighting.

    So I've written a small python script to parse the text,
    and automatically highlight any python-esque code
    using css.

    Should I include this in the next version, post online, or what?

    Or should I send this over to the docutils people?

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      Ugh.  Doing the highlighting myself was a mess.  So I used that wonderful world of ASPN recipes and SilverCity instead (Thanks to Marek for the heads up.  In fact, pointing those out was 90% of the work).
      I included the scripts in the documentation directory.

    • Marek Kubica

      Marek Kubica - 2005-02-17

      For all who'd like to create the docs by themselves, I made a SilverCity binary:

      How about the docs online on, just like the PSF does?


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