Icons, Trailing Whitespaces

  • Daniel Pozmanter

    Franz made an excellent request (or rather, has been making it for some time).  I reognaized the code to make adding icons to the menu a trivial matter in terms of coding.

    Of course, I don't think the icons themselves are up to par.  (Plus, they look a tad ugly on the gtk1 port on linux).

    For trailing whitespaces, my path compiles the regex at startup, and uses .subn instead of a loop.

    However the biggest difference is I edited the regex so only whitespace trailing after non whitespace is removed.  This is to ensure the indentation level of blank lines is not edited.  On the plus side, this makes autoindentaion work a bit better.  On the minus, perhaps folks want to get rid of this extra whitespace.

    What thoughts?

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      The trailing whitespaces issue is resolved for the next release.

      (I no longer check for non whitespace when chopping trailing whitespace.  Plus, I fixed auto indent so it works from the indentation level of the last non whitespace line).

      As far as icons, I have made some progress with replacing the particularly ugly ones, so this *may* go into the next release.

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      The new icons, and icons in the menus, will be in the next release.

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      It turns out, chopping whitespace on a line with only whitespace makes things kind of nasty.  For example:

      Say you are:

      def function(x):

      at the chatacter 'I' (pretend it is the cursor).
      Then you go to save.  Suddenly, you are:

      def function(x):

      There.  Not good, huh?  So I left the chop protection in, so only whitespace following non whitespace lines is chopped.

    • Franz Steinhaeusler


      I like the new icons, and thank you for integrating them
      into the core. Displaying them in popup menu and
      ideally in notebook tab context menu would be still

      Also an interface for plugins would be cool.

      I'm not graphically talented, and I remember, you (Dan)
      mentioned me some place (something like gnome),
      where a stock of icons is located.
      If I have plugins completed with possible install/uninstall and icons, I want to upload them.

      Replacing more then 10 plugins is a little awkward,
      so I want to wait, until I'm sure, they stay unchanged
      for some time.

    • Daniel Pozmanter


      sure thing on the icons.  Also, you noted the alignment in the menu from the icons when you put in your fix.  I didn't think this was an issue (since I run on linux, where everything works *perfectly* :), but it turns out this is a wx.widgets bug (I suppose).  In any case, I will assign trasnparent pngs to each menu item, to ensure proper alignment.

      As for an interface for plugins, what did you have in mind?

      The icons I've gotten have been through kde-look.
      (GPL and GPL compatible).  The nuvola set in particular by David Vignoni (Icon King), are REALLY nice.  Some icons, however, need to be edited to display equally well on linux and windows (especially at the lower resolutions).

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      The alignment thing is a mess.  I can set a trasnparent png for menu tiems, but not for sub menus.

      Plus, it doesn't look quite right.

      So the question is, is laignment more important than icons, vice versa, or is there some other way around this?

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      Robin Dunn wrote yesterday:
      (menu alignment)
      I think that something like this has been fixed already in the current
      source tree.

      >So the question is, is laignment more important than icons, vice versa,
      >or is there some other way around this?
      I don't think, it's only a cosmetical thing.
      Maybe it is corrected then in the next wxpython version.
      for the current workaround: hm, empty transparent or icon with
      syscolor background color could be tried.
      (Only for MSW)

      >As for an interface for plugins, what did you have in mind?
      I meant to offer a function in the core or acess the new
      Append function in drMenu from plugin source to add menu shortcuts.


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