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New Developer, 3.7.0 Status

  • Daniel Pozmanter

    First, I'd like to welcome Fabien Schwob to the project.

    Onto 3.7.0:
    First up, Greg, thanks for the patch, it will be in the next version (the one for loading prefs).

    Here is what is slowing up progress:
    1.  Making the bugs in play nice.  This is FINALLY done.  However the GTK version still has major issues.  This is only a problem if you use linux (which I do):
    Basically, I will say that GTK2 works fine, save for persistant speed issues in  GTK is speedy and stable in all versions save

    2.  Plugins List.  This is the big one.  Basically Franz made a feature request that I thought was a very good idea:  Not having to update the plugin list file every time you update a plugin's version.  The problem is implementation.  I had a solution using cron and web services, but cron is offline, and I do not know when it will be back.  I can simply download the plugins page, but that is 49kb, which seems a bit much when you only want to grab a 3kb plugin!  So I have been looking at ways to work around this.  When I solve this problem, 3.7.0 will pop out shortly thereafter.

    3.  My life has gotten a wee bit busy of late :)

    Finally, while this will not stand in the way of releasing 3.7.0, I want to add file/text drag and drop.  This does not appear to be workable in practice, even if it is in theory, using wxpython.

    I was hoping to get something out this weekend, however that will not be possible.

    So that's that.  I STILL need to get around to the plugin bug with codecompletion.

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2004-11-22

      Thanks for the introduction. As I have said in another message, my main goal on DrPython is to translate it to French (and in general to add i18n and l10n to DrPython)


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