Arggghh (Bug Reports)

  • Daniel Pozmanter

    Here are some bugs I noticed playing around with 3.2.0.  (Taken from the to do list). On the plus side, once I fix the plugin sync problem, I can add plugin shortcuts to the shortcuts dialog.

        Plugins need to be loaded if you want to mess with their shortcuts/pop up menu.
            This presents problems for plugins loaded from index.
                #Write a function that parses plugin files, and finds what to load.
                Note: No commas in function/plugin names.
                Use function in popupmenudialog.
                Use function in shortcutsdialog.
        Once this is fixed, you can add shortcuts to the new shortcuts dialog :)
            Update does not update prompt size correctly.
            Update does not update highlight current line.
        Char Right Extend does not work.
        Odd Assert Error on Linux when running prompt.

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      Fixed the char right thingy (did not upload yet).

      The assert error happens when currentpage.OnSize is called from runcommand, if the prompt is not visible, has been run once, and a file is open.



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