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Status (Personal)

  • Daniel Pozmanter

    So here is what's up with me:

    I moved down here in mid march to start at Siteworx.  It took me about a month to find a place.  Turns out the place was health hazard central (It had issues.  My nearest guess is they doused the place with asbestos and "essense of cat-dander").  So I broke lease and left on a monday.  On the way to find a new place monday night, my car was totaled.  With all my stuff in it.
    Luckily the awesome people I work with came to the rescue, and I got my stuff back, and got a ride to work, and a place to live (they drove me out to the new place).

    So I've been looking for a place to live near my job (so I can walk), or a car so I can drive to work (I am currently borrowing my boss's car, but that can't last forever).

    This is why I haven't gotten around to buying a monitor, and why I haven't had much time to spare to work on drpy.

    On the plus side, the critical bugixes are out, and when the toronto code is ready to be merged, there will be an immediate release for folks to play with.

    Also, I've been working on some rather cool stuff at siteworx that will be released under an open source license.  Of course, those projects will be announced through "official" channels.
    (They are Zope related).

    For the curious, at work, I use drpython for all zope/python dev, gVim for almost everything else, and XEmacs on rare occasion.  The joys and frustrations of vim are likely to play into future drpy development in minor ways (they already influenced some of the new behaviour for autoindent).

    • RunLevelZero

      RunLevelZero - 2005-05-03

      Man I'm sorry to hear about your troubles and especially the car.  Wow... what a downer to say the least.  I wish you the best of luck.  Sounds like you are enjoying your job though so that is a plus for sure. 

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      Yes, good luck

      BTW: I use drpy also for C++ editing in connection with
      Visual Studio. Here the Autorelad and (my simple Autosave Plugin) is very useful and it works perfect. :)
      plus ctags plugin


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