(newbee) encoding error when saving?

  • Jean Luc Damnet

    Jean Luc Damnet - 2004-08-08

    just began 1 week ago with DrPython, all goes fine so far, except this error message I get when saving a file (but the file is saved anyway and usable)
    an idea to remove/hide this annoyance ?
    Error Encoding fr_FR

    Trying other encoding...

    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "/usr/share/drpython/drpython.py", line 1064, in GetEncodedText
        sText=unicode(text, self.encodings[0]).encode(encoding)
    LookupError: unknown encoding: fr
    system is Mandrake10 "official",
    python is 2.3.4,
    wxPython is 2.5.1,
    drPython is 3.3.1,
    all "LC" entries in "env" show as "fr_FR"

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      Hmmmm.  Does everything display correctly?

      Thanks, I'll check it out.


    • Daniel Pozmanter

      I took out the warning dialog.

      (Change is in cvs, will be in the next version of drpython).



    • Jean Luc Damnet

      Jean Luc Damnet - 2004-08-09

      Thanks, Dan

      Yes, everything looks OK, I tried saving a file with all sorts of accented letters, etc, it comes back perfect after a save/close/reopen...

      since the last line of the message talks about "fr" only (while the actual system locale is "fr_FR") could it have to do with the underscore beeing used as a delimiter, i mean truncating the actual string in "fr" ???

      Anyway, that DrPython is superb ! Thanks again.



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