Little feature request

  • Anonymous - 2004-10-12

    Just a little one, but I think every "professional" program should remember the window size and window state (e.g. maximized) between runs.
    Unfortunately Im only a beginner in python so I couldnt code the feature in myself.

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      It does.  The first preference under "General" in the Preferences dialog.

    • Anonymous - 2004-10-12

      On my system it doesnt remember the window state, when I close it maximized and then restart ir the window remains in normal state

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      I might add the position, but I have no plans to add the state as of now.

    • Anonymous - 2004-10-13


      if youll add this it would be nice to also add saving for the size of the "console" window where e.g. syntax errors are displayed. Its way too big by default and I think the layout of the subframes should be remembered, too.

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      The subframes thing is a good idea in theory, but a bit difficult in practice.

      Since anything can be in a subframe (plugin, View In Panel, etc), drpy would have to remember not just how many are open, and their sizes, but what was in them (otherwise you would have ugly blank panels).

      This can also be a problem if the plugins are not loaded on startup, but by index instead.

      At the moment, I just have it so you can set the size of the prompt window, in preferneces.  There is no way to save it as of yet.

      Perhaps in the future, I could write a plugin to save all open panels, and somehow know what is in each one (This could be sticky, without changing the way plugins operate in a way that requires all plugins to change).



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