Run script interactively?

Lou G
  • Lou G

    Lou G - 2005-11-24

    Can I run a Python script in the interactive window (so that I can view the values of variables, test code changes, etc.)? How do I do it?


    • Lou G

      Lou G - 2005-11-24

      i.e. run a script with the -i switch...

    • Brandon

      Brandon - 2005-11-27

      There is a preference setting that works found under.

              General Tab
                  Python arguments (eg "-i"):

      Enter -i in the field to get an interactive shell when scripts are run.  (I wish more IDE's worked this way :> )

    • Lou G

      Lou G - 2005-11-28

      Thanks, Brandon - can't imagine how I missed that. I must have looked right at it several times. I agree, DrPython is the best IDE I've found


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