Messed up my drpython install - can't run...

  • Peter Schott

    Peter Schott - 2005-01-05

    Running Python 2.4, DrPython 3.8.2, Windows XP

    I did something to my DrPython install and fixed it so that I can't run any of my scripts directly.  I can edit files, I can run a python shell that seems to work, I can even debug.  However, when I click the "Run" button, nothing happens.  Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong or what setting I changed that I shouldn't have?

    Thanks for your help.

    • Peter Schott

      Peter Schott - 2005-01-05

      Well, deleting and re-installing fixed the problem after I cleared up my settings, but I'd really like to know which setting I changed that affected that.  Anyone run into this before and know what I did wrong?


      -Pete Schott

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      Hello Pete,

      Did you mean Program->Run and no python prompt appeared?

      If such a thing happens to me, I rename the original
      folder, install new, and make a filecompare, to discover,
      what is wrong.


      • Peter Schott

        Peter Schott - 2005-01-07

        That was the cause.  I finally started in Shell Mode and found the errors.  It was try to call the Run From Buffer plugin on Windows XP.  For some reason, it picked that up as having 4 arguments passed instead of the max of three.  I finally removed the plugin, though looking at the line, the only difference is that there is an os.path.join(x, y) in the line causing the problem and it looked properly formatted and quoted.

        Thank you for the quick response, though.  I did not realize that the shell mode (just  py) would show those errors.

        -Pete Schott

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      Thanks Peter, I will upload an updated version of RunFromBuffer.

    • Peter Schott

      Peter Schott - 2005-01-09

      I'd be kind of interested in knowing exactly what the problem was - my look at the line didn't show any problems with it.  I saw the comma, but it appeared to be inside of a properly formatted line and part of the os.path.join function.

      Thanks for the quick responses to all.

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      The problem was I changed DrFrame.runcommand, and never updated the RunFromBuffer plugin.

      I will instead use the DrFrame.Execute methods, which are meant to facilitate running programs in the prompt from a plugin.

      (I also updated them a tad).
      (This is for release 3.8.5).

      :) These responses have been slow!


    • Daniel Pozmanter

      Fixed.  You'll need 3.8.5 for RunFromBuffer 0.0.2


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