a few questions

  • Anonymous - 2005-10-11

    I would like to set the size of all fonts across all file types to 11 pts. I have fiddled around and edned up reverting several times.

    Also it there any concept of a project file in DRPy?
    Or is there any way that I could just open all py and html files in one stroke? I did see the bookmark a folder setup and that is pretty close as to be liveable.


    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      Did you try: DrPython - Preferences . Apply text properties to all styles and the select size and then choose save?

      Does this work for you?

      There were several times discussions about a project manager.
      You could (meanwhile) use the sessions plugin.

      If you use the "wx.Filedialog", then at the bottom line,
      there are some predefined extensions; or you type yourself *.py;*.html and the select all files and press open.

    • Anonymous - 2005-10-16

      So I think tht I have this one figured out.

      What I did was create a batch file that has each file that I want to open as an arg. Works out great!


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