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Pychecker & PycheckerSupport plug-in

  • Roberto

    Roberto - 2006-12-31

    I just installed DrPython and successfully a number of simple test programs. Would like help on how to properly use the Pychecker option under the Program tab.

    I installed the PyCheckerSupport plug-in and installed Pychecker v 0.8.17 in a subfolder.  Then clicked on Options --> Plugin Preferences --> PyCheckerSupport which then requests path to Pychecker file -- I selected the file ''.

    Then tried running the Pychecker on simple program from the Program tab.  However, it does absolutely nothing.  Anyone know how to make this option work?

    Thanks for your help

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      Hallo Roberto,

      sorry this plugin is simply out of date.

      When you start DrPython from console or prompt, what traceback do you have.

      Do you have enough experience to track this down yourself?
      Then you could submit a patch! :-)

      The reason is: There is at this time simply nobody, who tests and maintains the plugins.
      I added it for "development help wanted".


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