pyGandhi - 2007-09-30


I have a new Mac Pro 3GHz, 4GB, running Mac OS 10.4.10. I've been using DrPython for teaching. I had problems installing DrPython with MacPython 2.5 and WxPython 2.8. I had the "fonts problem" discussed in the thread "Mac OSX Installation". Thanks to Dominique's solution I was able to install and run DrPython. But I was unable to edit the preferences. The system become unreposnsive to the mouse and crashes Python.

Of course I can go through the files and preferences.dat and change what I want. But that is not very convinient. It was clear that the problem was with the way DrPython deals with WxPython. So I install an older version: WxPython2.6-osx-unicode- And now everything works properly.

It would nice to fix the problem ☺!

Thanks for  the terrific IDE. My students and I love it!