pyGandhi - 2006-07-28


I intent to use DrPython in a CS1 that wil start teaching next September. For teaching puprposes it is important that I can write comments and strings in  portuguese. I'm in trouble with Mac Os X (in windows XP the behavior is bizarre but I could find a solution). I have tried erverything possible using different codecs as mention in Python Library Reference manual (cp1252, cp860, latin1, mac_roman) as use the appropiate coding in the first line of my programs. I also tried several possibilities given in the preferences. The best I can get is puting automatic detection in the preferences, the coding latin1 or mac_roman and not having problems with the comments. With strings drpyrhon just refuse to print! Moreover certain portuguese caracters in the keyboard are not recognized (i.e. I try tu use them but nothing is written...). But in general it just crash with an error about the coding in the interpreter window.

Can someone give me a hint on how to solve this? Again for me is critical. BTW it worked without any problem with either IDLE or SPE (the two other IDEs I'm considering). It will be a pitty if I have to give up tje idea of using drpython because it is indeed a very nice IDE.