""" Blocks """ Are a syntax ERROR ?

  • travlr

    travlr - 2004-10-22

    I'm recently new to drPython, and after spending the needed time to install plugins and set preferences, I am finding a syntax error showing """ Blocks """ are not permissable in the middle of my scripts.

    Can some one help me verify this condition as being standard behavior or a changable feature.

    Thank you

    • travlr

      travlr - 2004-10-22

      OK... I figured out that it has to do with the script being read in a Unicode mode. Now I just need to change the default unicode setting.

    • travlr

      travlr - 2004-10-22

      OOps... Make that Unix Mode :)

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      Out of curiosity,
      when you did get the syntax error:

      could you post the script you had trouble with (or an example?)  What OS (and version) are you running?
      What version of wxPython? python?  drpython?

      I just want to find out if having unix line endings by default causes syntax errors on windows machines.

      As far as I know, windows line endings can cause some messyness on linux, but not the other way around (I thought).


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