mouse stays in block selection mode

  • Jean Luc Damnet

    Jean Luc Damnet - 2004-11-05

    All project files open (7), in one of them only, the mouse stays in selection mode (i.e. first click anchors block selection mode and the orange area follows all cursor movements until second click)
    So to position cursor somewhere in that file, needs to double click (in fact one character apart since it refuses 2 clicks at exact same location)
    I tried closing/reopening, closing several files, etc... always the very same one gives the problem.

    Got rid of it by Ctrl-A and pasting the whole content in an empty new file and Saving it over the problematic one.

    I don't know if this behavior appeared with version 3.6.9 or slightly before, since that file was untouched for around a week. My backup version dates Setember 21st and shows no problem.


    • Franz Steinhaeusler


      I have alread seen (a few times) such a "wild" mouse behaviour, but I can't duplicate this.

      The selection extended everywhere, you move the mouse. But, because it was so seldom, I cannot
      offer a way to replicate this.

      If I clicked then repeatedy on a random field in the
      document, the strange action stopped.

    • Jean Luc Damnet

      Jean Luc Damnet - 2004-11-06

      Funny thing is that it seems linked to the file content itself (at least in that case) since renaming (from the OS) and reopening kept the problem ... but on the other hand when selecting-pasting the whole content into a new file is ceased
      What other sort of content or file attributes could play here ?

      If I notice it again I'll keep the culprit file, instead of stupidly overwriting it !

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      This is curious.  If you have any luck replicating it, send the offending file, and I will have a look see.

      (attach it to a bug report).


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