CodeCompletion bug

  • spbrown

    spbrown - 2005-12-17

    I have just installed the CodeCompletion plugin for DrPython 161 on Windows XP.
    It works fine if I type a module name then ".", but if I create a new variable,
    for example  x = "hello world"
    When I type "x." I just get the choices
    Is there a way of fixing this bug?

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      The link above does not work.

      In Bugs:
      "False Codecompletion".

    • spbrown

      spbrown - 2005-12-20

      Thank you for your reply.
      Does this bug happen to everybody who uses CodeCompletion, or is it platform specific?

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      I think so, that this is platform specific;
      it's more a problem of the plugin itself.

      I haven't studied the code completion plugin.
      But maybe a look to pycrust's code completion
      could help.
      There it works:

      on my machine:

    • spbrown

      spbrown - 2005-12-21

      Okay, I will take a look at the source code of both code completion versions then.

    • igol

      igol - 2006-01-14

      I encountered the same bug with DrPython 161 and CodeCompletion 0.2.1 .

      I've looked at the CodeCompletion source code and the bug may be within the OnAutoComplete () function.

      The GetMembers () function used in OnAutoComplete() seems to work as long as you give it the proper parameter. So now I'd like to look at what GetWordOfInterest() returns.

      I therefore need to print the values returned by GetWordOfInterest. Problem is, this is my first time to debug a GUI app. How do I put tracers in the plugin code ?


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