active cursor after loading a file

  • rudolf liberda

    rudolf liberda - 2007-11-02

    I changed from WinXP to Ubuntu7.10  and cannot solve  following disadvantage:
    After loading  a file, the mouse-cursor is always active, I can edit the file and do all the things I need to do,
    but I expect the mouse-cursor to become an arrow again, instead of beeing a wheel. What I had installed wrong?
    (On WinXP it works well)

    I use DrPython 165

    wxPython Version:
    wxPython Platform: wxGTK, unicode, gtk2, wx-assertions-off, SWIG-1.3.29
    Python Version:
    Python Platform: linux2

    I would appriciate Your help to configure DrPython in a right way

    • lan

      lan - 2007-12-18

      i seem to hav the same problem on winXP
      also i had another prob because i extracted in a folder and moved it
      it shud b noted that when u extract it, it creates files on the app data folder
      it took like 30 mins to fix the prob :( (rookie on this)


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