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A recomend feature and custumization

Jerry Cool
  • Jerry Cool

    Jerry Cool - 2008-12-19

        I'm a python begginer, haven't tried too many IDE except IDLE and DrPython, DrPython is great, but seems my favorite code editor still be IDLE except that it can't be fold and unfold which DrPython do.
        My suggestion is:
        1. There is a subtle user friendly issue for "find and complete". it dose can be customized for shortcuts, but when the list popup, we have to move our finger away to get the arrowkey if it is not the first one(what is subtle is the distance compared to for example "Alt+/" in IDLE,very quicky and smooth coding flow). My recomend is just don't use popup menu,instead with two customize key to cycle forward(the nearest) and backward. You may disagree,how could it be more user friendly if I didn't see the possibe choices? Well,according to "20% affort to complish 80% job",if we directly cycle through,(1)save time from one addtional press to confirm.(2)with just 1 or 2 "smooth" press,we get the job done in 80% cases.
        Addition: We may show a list when cycle through,but I don't think there is too much need rather than clutter the view. as to leaving 20% cases,we can just retype or copy/paste, for it is 20% cases,20% chances,20%time(less than,I think)
        That's all my argument to surport my idea,which is subtle, but do make sense while coding^

        2. IDLE use Tab to auto detect/complete key words and biultin functions which is great too,whether we can add similar feature.

        That's all.
        By the way,I even delve into source code to find if myself can change and found the OnFindAndComplete() function,but since I'm during my learning process and skill isn't sharp enough,and didn't figure out the solution. If you decide to accept my advice,could you send me a modified source file just for the first feature. my email is
       Best wishes for Pythoners!

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      Sorry for the late response.

      for1) that could be done with a plugin, borrowing the code from findandcomplete. I myself have written a plugin compword. you can download it in the files section: Drpython plugins: or checkout directlry from svn. it should do exactly what you want.
      2) that would also an example of creating a plugin. But then you would have to delte the tab key from customize shortcuts from the normal behaviour.

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      for 2) a look at idles code should help to create that plugin.


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