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Happy New Year! and 3.8.1

  • Daniel Pozmanter

    Happy 2005!

    GoTo Block now handles implictly joined lines, fixes in drTreeDialog, Bookmarks Dialog, drScript Dialog (proper saving, rewrote code for moving and sorting), plus minor fixes when Opening and Saving a file.

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      Happy New Year, the same to you.

      For what I saw in 3.8.0:

      The new "gotos"...
      If you want to go Class start or Block Start,
      sometimes drpython hangs and you can only kill the task.

      I made two patches
      self.btnClose = wx.Button(self, wx.ID_CANCEL, "&Close Dialog") (close with "ESC")

      self.mainSizer.Add(wx.StaticText(self, -1, "Not in index:"), 0, wx.ALIGN_CENTER | wx.SHAPED)
      was: Installed Plugins

      Displays only these plugins in default.idx on the left side, which are not in the index currently:
      def SetNotInIndex (self):
      ->nlist = []
      ->for i in self.PluginList:
      ->->if i not in self.indexplugins:
      ->->->nlist.append (i)
      ->self.boxPlugins.Set (nlist)
      self.SetNotInIndex() (at the end)
      self.SetNotInIndex()(at the end)
      self.SetNotInIndex()(at the end)

      For Load from index, so only those are list, which
      are not loaded at starutp
      def setupMenu(self):   
      ->files = os.listdir(self.homedirectory + "/plugins")
      ->x = 0
      ->self.indexes = []
      ->pluginsfile = self.homedirectory + "/plugins/default.idx"
      ->if os.path.exists(pluginsfile):
      ->->pluginstoload = []
      ->->->f = file(pluginsfile, 'r')
      ->->->pluginstoload = f.read().rstrip().split('\n')
      ->->for f in files:
      ->->if f.find(".idx") > -1:
      ->->index = self.homedirectory + "/plugins/" + f            ->->if not (index in self.loadedindexes):                    if not os.path.splitext(os.path.split (index)[1])[0] in pluginstoload:                ->->->self.indexes.append(index)
                      ->->->self.Append(self.ID_LOAD_PLUGIN_BASE + x, str(os.path.basename(f)))
                              ->->->self.parent.Bind(wx.EVT_MENU, self.OnLoadPluginsFromIndex, id=self.ID_LOAD_PLUGIN_BASE + x)
      ->->->x = x + 1

      If you are other opinion, no problem.


    • Daniel Pozmanter

      The gotos have been rewritten for 3.8.2.

      I don't suppose you could upload your patches via the tracker items?  (Or use spaces for indentation if posting in the forum).

      For the plugin dialog:
      Is this for the main dialog (Install Plugin)?  That already closes with esc.
      Is it for the index dialog?  (That does not).


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