Possibilities of plugins

  • Franz Steinhaeusler

    I wanted only to show, what things you can make with a plugin.
    I and Dan were of different opinions about the Col Display.

    When the cursor is on the first column, I wanted it displayed: Col: 1, Dan Col:0

    So I integrated an awkward solution (not directly exemplary):
    Redirect the output of SetStatusText

    This is in my Mini-Plugin "Startup" :
    (I inserted '->' to show, where the tab should be; posting
      to forum destroys the formatting)

    import wx
    from drpython import DrFrame

    def Plugin(DrFrame):

    ->def SetStatusText(text, col):
    ->->if col == 1:
    ->->->ind1 = text.find ("Col: ")
    ->->->if ind1 > -1:
    ->->->->ind1 += len ("Col: ");
    ->->->->ind2 = text.find (" ", ind1)
    ->->->->nr = int (text [ind1:ind2]) + 1
    ->->->->text = text [:ind1] + str (nr) + text[ind2:]
    ->->super(type(DrFrame), DrFrame).SetStatusText(text, col)

    ->def NewStatusText(text, col=0):
    ->->SetStatusText(text, col)

    ->setattr(DrFrame, 'SetStatusText', NewStatusText)

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      Nice, I like the method of showing indentation.

      You do not need the line
      "from drpython import DrFrame"
      for this plugin.


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