• Daniel Pozmanter

    Close Panel Bug squashed, sourcebrowser label fixes (and you can now store 5 label colours), shortcut handling has been rewritten, tab correction now works properly, tweaks in bookmarks dialog, drscript dialog.  (More in the changelog.)

    The shortcuts are now stored as strings, which is actually *more* efficient than the previous method (python objects!).  This is purely internal, so plugins, drscripts, etc should all function exactly as before.

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      Oops.  DrPy Accidently saves the favorite separator colours in the program directory, instead of the home directory.  This will be fixed for the next release.

    • Christoph Zwerschke

      Thanks. That looks very good already.

      Some small glitches:

      * Try this:

      def f(x):
      ..def g(x):
      ....return 1
      ..return 2

      The labels are not netsted properly

      * If you click the Buttons 0..4 in the "Insert Separator" dialogue under WinXP, the second-to-last clicked button will always stay "locked". (Everything works fine, but it looks somewhat irritating).

      * It would be nice to provide 5 different standard favorite colors already from the beginning.


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