• Daniel Pozmanter

    Parsing for separators in the source browser is now more intuitive, loads of bugfixes in the shortcuts, plus some minor fixes, and you can set the indentation guide style for python.

    The separator code is using Christophe's suggestion of looking for the next non comment non whitespace item, and using that item's indentation (or if nothing is found, use no indentation).

    The shortcuts bit should fix up the way things work in general, and allow for a bit more flexibility with the indentation code.

    The icons did not gray out properly (windows only), so I did some fiddling in the gimp, and now they work (Flattened the images).

    I also added in Christophe's patch for setup.py.  This makes creating an exe a very simple matter.

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      DO NOT USE THIS RELEASE.  It is broken.

      I am hiding it, and I will shortly release a fixed version.


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