• Daniel Pozmanter

    Displays shortcuts in the menu, right click to activate in the source browser (patch from Matthew), Franz's file dialog patches, Paste bugfixes (clipboard and OnModified errors), drscript dialog fix, and plugin dialog fix, plus a host of import cleanups.

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      Thank you, the menus with the menu shortcuts text looks good!


      (Although Shortcut for preferences for example isn't shown and
      "Open Imported Module......" appear so)
      I'd like to have also plugin and script shortcuts.

      I can look, if I find a way to do so (of course plugins need to be updated)

      2) could we split OnScript, so one script could call another script, with
      a name it temproary, Scriptexecute:

        def OnScript(self, event):
          scriptindex = event.GetId() - self.ID_SCRIPT_BASE
          f = open(self.scripts[scriptindex], 'r')
          scripttext = f.read()
          ... rest => ScriptExecute
          ScriptExecute (scripttext )

      3) Seen in style dialog:
        you can input the fore- and backround color.
        After changing values with slider, no input in the textctrl is accepted anymore.

      4) Traceback in Source Browser:
            Traceback (most recent call last):
              File "C:\Eigene Dateien\python\drpython\drpython.py", line 2467, in OnToggleSo
                self.txtDocument.SourceBrowser = drSourceBrowserPanel(target, -1, self.prefs
            .sourcebrowserpanel, i)
              File "C:\Eigene Dateien\python\drpython\drSourceBrowser.py", line 156, in __in
                self.classtree = drTree(self, -1, wx.Point(0, 0), wx.Size(400, 200), wx.TR_D
            EFAULT_STYLE|wx.TR_HIDE_ROOT, self.parent)
              File "C:\Eigene Dateien\python\drpython\drSourceBrowser.py", line 92, in __ini
                self.Bind(wx.EVT_TREE_ITEM_RIGHT_CLICK,  self.OnItemRightClicked, id=id)
            AttributeError: 'drTree' object has no attribute 'OnItemRightClicked'     


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