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Custom Documentation

  • Daniel Pozmanter

    Marek, Franz and I have been discussing documentation bookmarks, and how they ought to work.  I thought I would move that discussion here (so people can feel free to weigh in):

    The Problem:
    There are other bits of documentation that Marek would like to quickly access (e.g. PyGTK docs).

    Current Solution:
    Install the plugin DocumentationBookmarks, access PyGTK from the menu.  (Although in trying this, an error with os.startfile popped up.  Lovely (Core related)).

    Proposed Solutions:
    1.  You can edit the labels for the 3 documentation items currently in the core.  (These can be accessed via shortcuts/the toolbar/the pop up menu).

    2.  Moving the custom docs into the core, and allowing users to access each item via shortcuts/the toolbar/the pop up menu.

    3.  Editing Bookmarks so that you can add Doc Bookmakrs directly to the menu, and drpython will be able to load either doc locations, or files/directories.
    (When adding a bookmark, there would be a button:
    Add Documentation Bookmark, and the bookmark would be stored/loaded slightly differently).

    Any other ideas?

    The main issues are:
    1.  How important is this?  Should it be in the core, or should this functionality be provided by a plugin?
    2.  How should you be able to access these documentation items?  Just the menu?  A submenu?  Optional Shortcuts/Pop Up/Toolbar access?

    What thoughts?

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      The bug is with the DocumentationBookmarks Plugin. 


      Should I continue with it, rename it, or integrate it into the core in some fashion?


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