Dialog positions

  • Christoph Zwerschke

    Just tried it out and start to really like it. Thanks a lot for providing such a nice piece of software.

    One minor problem I immediately stumbled over was this: I am running drPython on WinXP, and I have my Taskbar on the left side. But drPython opens all windows and dialogs at the top left corner of the screen, where they are partially hidden under the taskbar. I solved the problem by using "remember window/dialog sizes and positions" under preferences. But I think drPython should use a more plausible default window/dialog position, like at the center of the screen, not at at the top left corner. Or it should not align with the top left side of the screen, but with the top left side of the actual desktop area which may be smaller due to the taskbar or other sidebars.

    • Christoph Zwerschke

      This was probably the wrong place. I have posted this as a feature request.


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