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Moving away

It is now official.
some may wonder what happened to the project, behind the curtain of sourceforge.
Well it died slowly.
I'm moving the project in the hand of more dedicated programmers , away of the open source community.
The few sourceforge coders who weren't ghosts may follow.

The way the project evolve will change, the technology used as well. May the goddess grant us luck this time.

So this is my last post on this place. Soon it may close due to inactivity. So if you have any documents to recover , do so before it too late.... read more

Posted by Yan Gagné 2002-10-11

Game document

The game document is now more than twice thicker than before in order to answer the many questions which was unanswered on the Devlopper forum lately.
If you have any more questions, contact me.

Posted by Yan Gagné 2002-09-02

18 coders

Thanks to everyone who joining us. The team is growing well. Devlopement in openGL has begun and the server-side documents are under preparation.

Posted by Yan Gagné 2002-08-21

Welcome to thord_sl

A new coder, thord_sl, has join us. He possess knowledge of c# and C++ as well.

Posted by Yan Gagné 2002-08-16

Chat server / C# client

First, thanks to Ebatsky we now have a working chat system, it curently implented on the linux server succesfully, the chat client able to communicate with it without getting the same text echo back to it. The whole thing real-time and the possibility to send per-line. efficient and fast. Great work Ebatsky! :)

As for me, i implented in the main client, version check, registration with open/closed beta verification and finally a package download code. It now play music as well but i'm not sure if this is the best way to do it yet...... read more

Posted by Yan Gagné 2002-08-15

Login screen and second animation

New goodness.
today i had some time at work, since they want me to learn Dot net, i spent my some time learning C#, so i did the authorization screen, it goes to connect to the mysql and pull back a confirmation, success or failure.
you can see the example there:
I couldn't find how to switch to full screen, guess i'll have to learn directx as well.

Here an animation for the trailer, in gif form since a avi would be too heavy.
http://www.drowtales.com/crap/eye.gif... read more

Posted by Yan Gagné 2002-08-09

More documentation

I had just checked the document manager, and realized that there were many submissions in there i hadnt cleared, so there is more stuff to read! :)
whoo hooo......yeah...so....well its good stuff though.

Posted by Levi De Haan 2002-08-08

First IRC meeting

We had the first IRC meeting, somewhat productive, hopefully we will create a format so that things will go better, however getting users to attend was unsuccessful, only 4 have come out of 12, however hopefuly we will get more attendance at the next meeting.
The Drowtales Server should be out soon for linux. and the client soon to follow after that.

Posted by Levi De Haan 2002-08-06

Meeting! Schedule

The most popular times in the survey were 3pm, 11pm, and 2am, standard mountain time (US). The meeting days will be starting 3 days a week until best times and days are figured out.
tuesday @ 3pm
thursday @ 11pm
saturday @ 2am
If you are not able to attend any of these times then let Levi or Kern know via email or forum.
This message will be posted to the Developers forum also with the IRC location :).

Posted by Levi De Haan 2002-08-02

New animation for the game

check it out
this should work now :)

Posted by Levi De Haan 2002-07-31

Survey for Best time for Online Meeting

Hello all you developers/Random news readers :).
I have just put up a survey for everyone for the best time for everyone to have a online meeting, probably IRC. Just let me know.

Posted by Levi De Haan 2002-07-30

Added Mailing List

I just created a mailing list of all the developers on the drowtales project, so if you are a developer currently registered with the sourceforge/drowtales network then expect an email soon with updates ect.. :)

Posted by Levi De Haan 2002-07-30

Kern is back! :)

Good news, Kern is back, so hopefully development will continue. we have many new developers requesting to join, and who have joined. hopefully the new talent will bring something to the team.

Posted by Levi De Haan 2002-07-30

Project/Job List

Just posted the Project/Job list in the documents area. take a look see developers and let me know what your workin on if you havent already :)

Posted by Levi De Haan 2002-07-26

Added New documentation

I have added two new documents to the documents page, they contain the short description of the Drowtales Editor, and the Drowtales Database :).
Hopefully subtracting from the confusion about what is wanted from those two projects :).

Posted by Levi De Haan 2002-07-26

Kern is away to Otakon

Kern will be away until next monday, he has journeyed a long distance to the States :).
So if you have any Q's or comments just send them Levi's way :).

Posted by Levi De Haan 2002-07-26

Web account/php login validation/Game concept document

I wrote a 3 page game concept document, you can find it in the docs section.
I also made a little program to validate the login, coded in php and linked to the mysql.
the temporary adress for it is:

The web account we are going to use for web developement is test.drowtales.com till i get another server plugged up.(if you want to get access to the account, contact one of the project manager). We shall know the answer about if we get more dedicated server and access to a T-3 line this monday. Let cross fingers guys.

Posted by Yan Gagné 2002-07-21

Web Site under construction

Web site is under construction, however we have created a link to the drowtales current home page http://www.Drowtales.com
Also feel free to take the survey, we would like to hear your opinion.

Posted by Levi De Haan 2002-07-18

Made DrowTales Editor accessible

It is only the executable, if you want the code, to work on it ect.. then let me know, i'll upload it or give you a link to it on another server.

Posted by Levi De Haan 2002-07-17

New Developers Welcome!

We have recently aquired some new developers, and hopefully are on our way to starting the development of this game. :)

Posted by Levi De Haan 2002-07-17

Any C++ coders

If your interested in helping out with the game email Levi @ levi_501_dehaan@yahoo.com or Kern @ kern@drowtales.com. We would appreciate any help we can get :).

Posted by Levi De Haan 2002-07-16

The beginning

And thus our ambitious project has started.

Posted by Yan Gagné 2002-07-16

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