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drow fully working alpha: version 0.2.0 released

Drow has reached alpha stage: first fully working and bug free version has just been released.
Drow is an ELF linux executable format analyzer for the low level programmer. It features header, section and program header (segments) decoding. Drow can display main header information, section information (along with section names solved from strtab section information) and program header information (file segments, along with section names which belong to that program header).

Posted by wintah 2003-08-09

0.1.2 version released: the future?

Severe bugs were corrected and debug mode was added.

I think this can work as an stable version for a bit of time... I'd like to reorganize a bit the code (dividing it in different files) and add some features; selecting specific sections and segments, section index resolving and probably file write manipulation. Along with some better C coding, I know it probably sucks :]

Posted by wintah 2003-08-07

Drow 0.1.0 version released

First version of drow has been released. It is considered pre-alpha, though it provides some basic ELF analyzing functionalities:

- Main header basic analysis
- Program headers basic analysis

Even though still drow does very little things, this first release can make you test the flavour drow will probably have. I plan to keep it console-based. I started writing it as a personal tool which I need to fastly check ELF information, so the interface won't get too elaborate. Maybe an interactive mode would be interesting, though.

Posted by wintah 2003-08-06