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dropline GNOME 3.10

Hi all, just to let you know, that the packages are already uploaded here on sf.net for the 3.10 dropline GNOME release. Shortly we should upload the installers and when you see them here, please consider it as a release point.

Posted by casaxa 2014-06-23

Dropline Gnome 3.8 update

Its a while since we wrote anything in this news. We have successfully built up all the needed packages for the next major release of dropline GNOME 3.8 ! Expect shortly an ALPHA installer, which should permit you to upgrade or install a full dropline GNOME 3.8 release.

Stay tuned !

Latest stable release 3.6

Posted by Bart van der Hall 2013-07-18

Dropline GNOME release 2.26.3

Just to update the news , we want to let you know that the release of dropline GNOME 2.26.3 version has been done some time ago already, what is new in that release is that we have now in sync both releases for the 32bit arch and for the 64bit arch.

Posted by casaxa 2009-11-29

Dropline 2.14.2 Released

This release includes numerous bugfixes over 2.14.1 as well as translation enhancements.

Posted by Scott Harmon 2006-06-06

Dropline GNOME 2.12.1 "64 drops" has been released

We are pleased to announce the release of
Dropline GNOME 2.12.1 ported to Slamd64 10.2 Linux (compiled for x86_64 architecture).
An ISO image is available to download through bittorrent http://diffie.droplinegnome.org/iso/dlg-2.12.1-x86_64.iso.torrent a direct ISO download is also available from http://geckies.user.cis.ksu.edu/slackware/dropline/x86-64

This is our first port to x86-64 architecture and as such there may be bugs, please report them to our bug tracking page.... read more

Posted by Scott Harmon 2005-11-21

Dropline Gnome 2.12.0 released.

After several weeks of testing, the latest version of dropline GNOME is finally available. This release sees updates to virtually every package, and is our first release built specifically for Slackware 10.2. We would like to thank all of the testers that helped in the development of this release. We couldn't do it without you!

http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/dropline-gnome/dropline-installer-2.12.0-i686-1dl.tgz?download... read more

Posted by Scott Harmon 2005-10-05

Dropline Gnome 2.10 released.

The newest version of Dropline has been released and is available for download.

Posted by Paul Best 2005-04-06

File Reorganization

With Dropline GNOME 2.6 a new build system has been implemented. This can be found in the dropline-build-system CVS module, and includes all of the patches and build scripts used to generate the Dropline GNOME packages. The sources for the Build System and the Dropline GNOME tarballs are now available from the Download section of www.dropline.net/gnome. Development will continue on SourceForge's CVS, but tarball downloads will no longer be posted here; they will only be available from the dropline.net website.

Posted by Todd Kulesza 2004-04-09

Dropline GNOME 2.1.90

The four weeks since the latest Dropline release have been busy. The Dropline Installer was completely rewritten using a new ncurses interface similar to Slackware's Pkgtool and package selection was implemented. GTK+ was then updated to the 2.2.0 release which fully takes advantage of Xft2 and Fontconfig. After the release of GNOME 2.2 RC-1, the entire GNOME framework updated as well. RedHat's Bluecurve desktop theme was included, as well as CD burning support for Nautilus and a slew of new plugins for GStreamer, the new media backend for GNOME 2.2.

Posted by Todd Kulesza 2003-01-18

Dropline GNOME 1.3.1

This refinement to Dropline GNOME overhauls the entire media framework. The 1.0 version of the OGG-Vorbis codec has been added, the GStreamer system has been updated to 0.4.2, the Xine libraries have been updated to the 1.0-Beta release, Totem has been added as a video player for GNOME, and RhythmBox has been updated to 0.4.1. The BlueFish HTML editor has also been included, as well as the GKrellM system monitor. Finally, the GFTP, GAim, and LibXML packages have also all seen updates, and the Dropline Installer has been modified to automatically remove older installation packages as they are upgraded to newer versions. New users can get the latest installer, while existing users can issue a "dropline-installer --upgrade" to first update their installer, and then again to update their system.

Posted by Todd Kulesza 2002-12-19

CVS Access for the Dropline Installer

I've just imported the Dropline Installer to SourceForge's CVS. Anyone interested can now hack on the latest installer code to add features or fix bugs. Quality patches will always be accepted :]

Posted by Todd Kulesza 2002-11-20

Dropline GNOME 1.2.2

After further refinements, Dropline GNOME has reached its 1.2.2 release. This version fixes many of the issues reported since the update to GTK+, and numerous packages have been rebuilt to either include missing files or tweak existing defaults. Sawfish has finally been added as an option to Metacity, and many of the updates going into the upcoming GNOME 2.0.3 release have made it into Dropline GNOME as well. New users can get the latest installer from http://www.dropline.net/gnome/download.html, while existing users can issue a "dropline-installer --upgrade" to update their system.

Posted by Todd Kulesza 2002-11-17

Dropline GNOME 1.2.1

Version 1.2.1 of the Dropline GNOME Desktop is now available for download. The core GNOME toolkit, GTK+, has been updated to version 2.0.7; this is expected to be the final release before 2.2.0 is available. A new release canditate for FreeType 2.1.3 is also included, fixing several problems with bold fonts. GAim, Gnumeric, Metacity, and more have been updated to the latest versions available. LibMikmod has been added to make XMMS more powerful, and a GNOME 2.0 release of XScreenSaver is now included as well.

Posted by Todd Kulesza 2002-11-06

Dropline GNOME 1.2.0 Released

Version 1.2.0 of the Dropline GNOME Desktop is now available. This release sees several updates to the Dropline Installer--it is now possible to choose exactly which packages to install using the --with and --without command options, package removal has been postponed in case of errors during the install process, and of course, all known bugs have been resolved. Updates are available for many of the core GNOME packages which include bug fixes and Dropline tweaks to improve the overall consistency of the desktop. FileRoller has been added, allowing Nautilus to finally unpack and create archives. All of this, however, pales in comparison to the main addition for this release...... read more

Posted by Todd Kulesza 2002-10-23

Dropline GNOME is available

Dropline GNOME, a new desktop for Slackware Linux, is now available on SourceForge.net. Please see the homepage at http://www.dropline.net/gnome for details and system requirements.

Posted by Todd Kulesza 2002-09-13

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