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Changes to DROD Distribution

We've taken our development to a private repository, but source code will continue to be made available with each release of our software following terms of Mozilla Public License 1.1.

The full source to the DROD 2.0 engine used in the recent commercial release of DROD: Journey to Rooted Hold is available at:

For the time being, we'll continue to host the source for previous releases of DROD here at SourceForge.... read more

Posted by Erik Hermansen 2005-04-18

Caravel Deadly Rooms of Death for Linux released.

The latest version of DROD is now available for Linux as well as Windows. Now you can run DROD without WINE, thank God! Many thanks to Gerry Jo Jellestad and Matthew Schikore for their porting work. And even more names should be mentioned, but this is not the time!

Earlier this week, we released the Win32 version of DROD and made a separate announcement for that. For plenty of information about this popular puzzle/dungeon exploration game, check out read more

Posted by Erik Hermansen 2003-10-21

Caravel Deadly Rooms of Death 1.6 (stable) Released

Deadly Rooms of Death combines the battles and exploration of a dungeon-crawling RPG game with the enjoyable simplicity of a puzzle game. No twitchy reflexes needed--relax and contemplate each situation until you are ready to act. No difficult interfaces to learn and memorize--you simply move in one of eight directions or swing your sword. This unique game focuses on your ability to solve puzzles with logic and intuition. To reach the bottom of the vast Dugan's Dungeon, you will expand your tactical repertoire and maneuver your swordsman masterfully among hordes of roaches, eyeballs, serpents, tar, and worse.... read more

Posted by Erik Hermansen 2003-10-19

Caravel Deadly Rooms of Death 1.5 (stable) Released

After over a year of 40+ hour/week efforts, we finally got our game out! It's a nifty little puzzle game for Windows, where you walk around in a dungeon and kill monsters. We went through extensive alpha and beta-testing. The game is quite polished, and has had a cult following since the commercial version was released in '97.

Here's a quote from a fan, because I can't be this immodest:
"Definitely my favourite 'pure' puzzle game, DROD features countless brilliantly designed, extremely challenging puzzles. As a bonus, there's the visceral pleasure of slashing through whole armies of evil creatures singlehandedly. If you're a hardcore puzzle fan and you're getting bored of easy stuff like quantum physics, you must try this game!" -SnapDragon... read more

Posted by Erik Hermansen 2002-10-26