DrJava: Stable Update 20080904

DrJava is a lightweight programming environment for Java designed to foster test-driven software development. It includes an intelligent program editor, an interactions pane for evaluating program text, a source level debugger, and a unit testing tool.

Available for download at http://drjava.org. This is a minor update to the recent stable release, fixing a bug in the execution of unit tests.

Notes from the original stable release (20080828):

Most prominently, a bug in JDK 1.6.0_04+ has rendered previous stable versions of "drjava.exe" unusable when compiling with affected JDKs (a "Cannot read zip file entry" error will occur). This release addresses the issue.

Major new features include i) an improved Interactions interpreter with full support for generics and ii) integrated support for external-process-based tools. Performance of "Find Next" and "Find All" has been dramatically improved, as well as the performance of auto-indenting.

The project file format has been changed (as of release drjava-20080415-1537-r4441). Previous DrJava version will not recognize the new project file format.

Users may also notice i) an optional platform-information survey at startup, and ii) automatic background checking for new DrJava versions. (Both of these can be turned off.)

Posted by Dan Smith 2008-09-05

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