New Beta Release on December 20, 2007

We just released a new beta release. It includes several bug fixes found in the previous stable release, as well as new features.

- Drag-and-drop for Java files. Files from Windows Explorer, MacOS Finder, and Nautilus on Linux (other file browsers not tested) can be dragged and dropped into DrJava.
- Connecting to a running DrJava instance to open files in an that instance. Can be used to integrate DrJava with external tools.
- 'Show Javadoc for Class' does not require internet access to build the list of class names anymore.
- 'Automatic import' dialog to the Interactions Pane. If an undefined class is encountered, the dialog will display all standard Java API classes and most user classes and let the user select one or an entire package. DrJava will then import that class or package and re-execute the erroneous line.

- [ 1773173 ] Find All results with similarly-named files
- [ 1792359 ] when exiting, cancel button does not behave as expected
- [ 1831946 ] Error after compilation.

Posted by Mathias Ricken 2007-12-21

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